A lot has been going down...

OK, so life has gotten a little out of hand lately, and I have completely neglected my beloved burger blog.  I promise that is going to change, starting now.  I am knee deep in screaming kids right now, so in the precious few seconds I have remaining to update I will be there bearer of the best hamburger ever...A FREE ONE!  You heard right!!!

Click this link to print out your coupon for a free 1/3 pound Smashburger


You have until Tuesday, June 21 to stop into one of there locations, and be sure to remember that you will need a photo id when you redeem it (yeah...I think that is a little over the top as well).  The link comes to us courtesy of Deal News.

Now get out there and claim your free burger!!!


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

I haven't been posting updates lately.  Working for a toy retailer this time of year tends to get a little busy, but Christmas will soon pass and life will return to a sense of normalcy.  Til then, happy holidays!

In the meantime, got a burger lover in your life?  Here's a gift idea.  I came across these burger earrings while browsing the web.


AJ Bomber's Review Insights Flame War...

We Wisconsinites are a cantankerous bunch.  We love our sports teams, our beers, our sausages, and of course our cheeses.  We also love our burgers...furiously it seems.  Also, since we don't have a pro hockey team to root for, our favorite winter pastime seems to be bitching about perceived injustices. 

Just imagine the carnage if it had been snowing that day
When Lacey Muszynski, the newest burger correspondent at A Hamburger Todayposted a mixed review of the Milwaukee burger joint AJ Bombers last Monday, she probably wasn't aware of the virtual riot she was instigating.  Poor, naive Lacey. 


Poll: Burger Doneness Preference...

Burger Doneness Preference

An often debated and hotly contested matter of personal preference.  This is a point of contention for all burger lovers, each believing his or her own choice is the best.  Are you a blood raw burger kind of person?  A lover of the proverbial hockey puck burger?  Let us know with our first ever poll!

Bub's Burger Joint Reviewed by The Isthmus

Madison's free, weekly newspaper, The Isthmus, recently published a review of Bub's Burger Joint (Madison, Wisconsin) comparing the local offering favorably to Five Guys.